Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lemonade Mouth-Movie Review

                 Lemonade Mouth is a Disney movie and premiered recently on the family channel.
Its main characters are: Bridgit Mendler as Olivia, Adam Hicks as Wen, Naomi Scott as Mo,  Hayley Kiyoko as Stella and Blake Michael as Charlie. 

                 I just watched this movie and it was nice. Some parts were funny and then in other parts it had touching, emotional moments. The movie is about five teenagers, [that don`t know each other] meet in detention, which is in the music room. They had to clean up and got bored doing that, so they started drumming, playing the keyboard, strumming their guitars and belting out their voices. 

                  My rating would be a 3 and a half or a 4 out of 5. Overall it was a sweet movie!!

    Thanks for looking at my first blog post!

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